This is a page to list all of the known bugs, glitches, and problems in Aniphon. It will include any part of the game that works differently then the way it was intended.

Current Glitches and BugsEdit

Zero Training GlitchEdit

0 training glitch

Unable to train. In the background you can see that the Geli is trainable.

There is currently some cases where training your aniphon will always award zero points. This has affected a small number of accounts and currently has not been fixed. As of version 1.0.1, the message saying "You cannot train at this time. [Aniphon] is too tired" appears instead, despite the fact that the aniphon is supposed to be trainable. According to the developers, the problem involves people in non-US time zones and will be fixed shortly.

Giver Achievement BugEdit

Giver Glitch

Give Glitch showing a full progress bar, but in progress still.

There is currently a problem with the Giver Achievement that requires you to use all of the items 5 times, rather than just five of them. Even if you have completed the progress bar, you will not be given the achievement. However, the achievement works properly if you give only five different types of item.

Shielding GlitchesEdit

There are currently a number of glitches affecting the use of shields.

Pause GlitchEdit

There remains a glitch where the shield does not stop if the game is paused while you are actively shielding.

No Damage Shield BugEdit

Attacking at the precise moment an Aniphon's shield is deactivated will often lead to neither their health nor their shield being depleted. This also can occur after the shield is completely drained for one or two attacks.

Shield Use GlitchEdit

When using the shield, tapping elsewhere on the screen (for example, to use an ability) will sometimes cause the shield to stop, even if you have not intentionally removed it.

No Icon BugEdit

Sometimes there will be "hidden" items or Aniphon inside your interaction radius that have no icon over them. For example, when a Scan only produces two shown items, often there is a third one that simply has no icon showing it. These hidden items and Aniphon will pop up if you randomly hit the blank space above there they are supposed to be.

Smaller Glitches and BugsEdit

Graphical GlitchesEdit

  • The Aura ability is missing an icon.
  • The color for the Cloud ability is not the same as other storm abilities.
  • The main achievement screen may report false information on achievements, specifically with Platinum Fighter Achievement
  • small rare visual glitch with item map icon that shows a purple bar
    Item icon glitch

    Purple Bar on item icon.

  • If a slow ability is used on an aniphon already slowed the down arrow graphic will not reset and will dissapear to early.
  • Rarely, when a slow ability is used, a green up arrow will appear instead of the normal red, down arrow.

Gameplay IssuesEdit

  • Sometimes when scanning, only two items will appear on the map. Often, there is a third item present, just no symbol marking it.
  • Experience glitch2

    Experience Glitch showing level more than completed.

    If you get the required experience (or sometimes 1 more) to level up, the aniphon may not actually do so until you gain another point
  • The duration of used items is inconsistent. Closing the app window will get rid of any item buffs.
  • While moving quickly (in a car for example), the game is extremely susceptible to crashes.

Achievement BugsEdit

  • There is a bug that may allow people to earn the Enthusiast achievement before actually achieving the complete requirement.
  • It is possible to get the Caretaker , Coach , and Commander Platinum Acheivements before earning the gold ones. This prevents you from earning the Gold Achievements at all.

Typos and LanguageEdit

  • The Ace skill level states it allows you to hold 40 aniphon. However, you can actually hold up to 50 Aniphon at that skill level.
  • Many of the descritptions for Aniphon contain minor gramatical errors.
  • The extra shield granted from level 3 Ferocity appears as "level 3 fitness" in the pre-battle page that lists bonuses.
  • The Giver Achievement progress description is missing a space between the last listed item and the word "to".
  • The Caretaker, Commander, and Coach Achievements have a number of mistakes in the lanquage of the progress for the requirements.


  • For some users, the "Send Feedback" button does not work.

Fixed GlitchesEdit

Day of Release server update

  • On the day of release, many people suffered from failed logins, system crashes, and freezes. These were due to system overloads that were fixed within 24 hours
  • For about half an hour on October 11 there was a glitch that caused the "Update Required" window to appear preventing people from playing the game. There was no update and the glitch was quickly fixed.

Version 1.0.1 UpdateEdit

  • A bug that allowed users to change the time and date in Settings and be able to get more items and train their Aniphon
  • A glitch that did not stop cool down timers when the game was paused
  • Server communication problems that prevented aniphon and items from loading
  • A glitch where pressing the Cancel button on the "Release Aniphon" confirmation window still released the aniphon
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