An Item can be found by using the Scan feature on the main map screen. Once scanned, 3-4 items appear within the map interaction area. As of Version 1.0.1, items can also now be found as some of the moving icons outside of your range. When you move to them, they become item symbols instead of Aniphon.

Currently, there are 7 different items, each giving a specific boost to your Aniphon.

There are 4 items whose boosts are permanent, giving points to an Aniphon's Experience, Affection, Ferocity, or Fitness. The 3 other items give temporary boosts to an Aniphon's battle stats (Health, Ability Damage or Ability Cooldown Time) for five minutes.

Item effects also stack when using more than one on an individual Aniphon.

List of ItemsEdit

Item Effect
Berum +100 Fitness
Heartum +100 Affection
Maxi Fruit +25% Health for 5 minutes
Mean Seeds +100 Ferocity
Speed Seeds -25% ability cooldown time for 5 minutes
Spiky Fruit +25% ability damage for 5 minutes
Yum Yum +200 Experience
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