This page keeps a list of all updates made to Aniphon, and what was changed in the update.

Version 1.0.1 UpdateEdit

Stated updatesEdit

  • Users can no longer cheat by manipulating data & time in Settings
  • Cooldown times correctly pause when a battle is paused
  • Map events should always appear so long as there is a stable internet connection
  • item scanning and aniphon training fixes
  • UI fixes to the aniphon screen to prevent accidentally releasing aniphon and other issues
  • A variety of other minor bug fixes and corrections
  • less lag and fewer server communication issues

Other UpdatesEdit

  • Aniphon now move on the map screen
  • added new aniphon to the game
  • changed graphical appearance of some aniphon to aviod IP issues
  • The elemental weakness bonus has increased from 2x to 4x.
  • Changed the look of the main Achievement page
  • The "Your Aniphon" care interface has been changed
  • The amount of experience earned in battle has been increased
  • The description of aniphon has been greatly expanded
  • and more.....
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