This page is a list of expected future updates to Aniphon. None of these are gauranteed updates and are mostly passed on from hints that the developers have left about what they plan to add. For a list of updates that have already occured, visit the Game Updates page.

Next UpdateEdit

The next update is expected sometime around the end of the month. It is supposed to be a much more content focused update. There are few specifics as to what is included; however, the developers have stated that multiplayer is there number one priority right now.

Expected in the next patch:

  • more content
  • Multiplayer battles
  • Ability to trade Aniphon (or in the patch after)[1]

Other Future UpdatesEdit

Most of these come from r/Aniphon on reddit and are based on the responses by MogloApps, aka Spencer Frazier, one of the co-founders of Aniphon who primarily works on the art/images/UI for the game.

  • Give players the ability to change their aniphon's abilities[2]
  • add "baby" aniphon to the game[3]
  • add a "growth path" mecahnic to the game, similar to Pokemon's evolution[4]
  • add an aniphon database either to the game, on the site, or in another application [5]
  • better define what affects the odds of capturing a wild aniphon[6]
  • At some point, Aniphon will be available for Android
  • Ability to fight other players in mulitplayer battles (PvP) [7]
    Up Arrow Glitch

    A glitch showing an up arrow already in the game.

  • Aniphon that require a certain rank to capture and ones that are found under fewer conditions [8]
  • Affection will be given more ways to increase[9]
  • Aniphon's influences will become narrower in the future, meaning they will be harder to find.[10]
  • Adding new features to the map interface
  • "buff" abilities that boost your Aniphon's stats

Speculated future updatesEdit

  • region based PvP
  • more regional specializations
  • an aniphon trading system
  • a marketplace with items to buy either with in game money or real money
  • Changing the degredation rate for affection , fitness , and ferocity
  • givingm ore benefits for raising affection, fitness, and ferocity
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