Firn, the ground-dwelling fire creature.

is a Fire Aniphon. It is one of three Aniphons that can be choosen at the beginning of the game.


Starting description: "Firn is a small fire creature that lives in the ground. It is fairly fierce, capable of barraging opponents with its burn attack while stunning them with its firestorm ability."

Profile info: "A Firn is a fire creature that is a sort of chimera between a lizard, snake, and dragon. Firn exhibits strong mystical properties, possibly owing to their dragon lineage but are first and foremost masters of fire. It is unclear why there are so many domesticated Firns available when they are so hard to find in the wild; some say that a Firn without an owner transforms into a different creature entirely or even dissapears.

Wild Conditions/InfluencesEdit


Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Strong against:

Weak against:



Firn's Health by Level
Level Health
1 90
2 97
3 105
4 113
5 122
6 132
7 142
8 154
9 166
10 179
11 194
12 209
13 226
14 244
15 264
16 285
17 308
18 333
19 359
20 388
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