Conditions: Water Present, Cold, Night, and Clear.

A Condition in Aniphon reflects real world conditions and determines what types of Aniphon a player will encounter. For example, when the near water condition is active, you will encounter more water Aniphon. Active conditions can be found in the top left corner of the map screen.

Data for conditions such as Man-Made Structures and vegetation in the game is provided by GeoNames. Elevation information is from Google Elevation API, which determines whether you are inland or near water. Weather information that determines sky and temperature conditions is from The WeatherBug API.

Condition typesEdit

Conditions are broken down into four general categories: Temperature, Time of Day, Location, and Weather.


This is the real world temperature at your location.

Time of DayEdit

This is simply determined by what time of day it is.


This is a much broader category, and encompasses how close you are to certain types of areas.


This is a measure of the current weather conditions: how clear the sky is as well as any precipitation.

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