Billow, the cloud-dwelling water creature.

Billow is a Water Aniphon. It is one of three Aniphons that can be choosen at the beginning of the game.


Starting description: "Billow is a cloud-dwelling water creature, or is it two? Billow attacks with pour to weaken its opponents and can use flood to slow them down if they try to escape."

Profile info: "A Billow is a curious creature. Though it is a water -type, it can naturally exhibit the abilities from multiple subclasses of creatures. No one is really sure whether Billow is one creature or two or what the full form of either would look like if they were seperated. While playful, a Billow should never be underestimated in combat and will frequently overwhelm unsuspecting opponents who mistake its tendency to play for weakness.

Wild Conditions/InfluencesEdit

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Strong against:

Weak against:



Billow's Health by Level
Level Health
1 90
2 97
3 105
4 113
5 122
6 132
7 142
8 154
9 166
10 179
11 194
12 209
13 226
14 244
15 264
16 285
17 308
18 333
19 359
20 388
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